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#990 Man Stole A Truck Because He Needed To Go Hang With Aliens Download

14:25 Download October 1st

Fisherman found a woman who was lost for two years floating in the water… Man tried to steal a helicopter to break his wife out of a prison but got sick and threw up during this attempt… Photographer captured the face of Elvis that was seen within a wave in the harbor… Man stole a truck because he said he needed to go hang with aliens but ended up returning the truck…Man’s house mistaken for Buffalo Wild Wings by many delivery drivers… tattooed man loses his job as a kindergarten because he scares the children… Man arrested for smacking his girlfriend in the face with a pizza… Mugger in ninja costume attempted to steal a purse from the woman but she fought back… The province of Nova Scotia is poisoning a lake because there the trout are taking over…


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