Brent Porche speaks with Nick Perri (Silvertide/Shinedown)

Brent Porche speaks with Nick Perri (Silvertide/Shinedown/Sinai) about his new musical venture, The Underground Thieves, ahead of their show at the Ardmore Music Hall on May 11th. They also dig deep into some really cool Silvertide stories from back in the day... including, Nick, playing guitar WITH Eddie Van Halen EVERYDAY on their tour with VH, their first ever national tour with Alice Cooper and what it's like to be more popular than Velvet Revolver in Japan. The Underground Thieves feature Nick Perri, Walt Lafty & Brian Weaver (Silvertide/Sinai/Automatic Fire), Anthony & Michael Montesano (Pepper's Ghost), John Bach on drums and more! Tickets on sale now via / /

(ps.. this picture is of Brent & Nick at MMR's Spring Break '05 - one year before Brent was hired at WMMR!)