"I Cannot Believe I'm Here at WMMR" Questlove on the Legendary Rock Station

If my 8th grade class could see me right now! 

"There was a radio station battle on class trips and WMMR would always win." Although Questlove didn't tell us what his station of choice was, we could tell it wasn't MMR. A lot has changed since the 80's and the West Philly native is now proud to be on the legendary rock station.  "I cannot believe I made it after 20+ years... How you like me know Frank Polumbo?"

The Roots drummer admits he resisted bands like Led Zeppelin and Ozzy Osborne as a kid. 93.3 WMMR launched four years before Quest was born, but during those preteen years he probably resented the station and the classmates that made him listen. After a few years at CAPA he was learning a lot from John Bonham and began appreciating "Crazy Train."

Listen to our interview with Questlove and relive the epic DJ Drum Off...

Questlove Gomez on Twitter

Wow....preston & steve show is serious about this uh....drum battle live on phily's @933wmmr http://tweetphoto.com/25349825


WMMR celebrates it's 50th anniversary next year (b. April 29, 1967), what do you say we do this again sometime soon to celebrate, Quest?