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Today’s Show includes: News (:00)… Entertainment News (:09)… Canceling Subscriptions (:47)… Bizarre (1:15)… Dares (1:30)… Red Sun Rising in studio (1:56)… Bizarre files (2:21)… Music News (2:34)… Wrap up (2:47)

Today’s Show Log:

Time 6:08 -6:18 And we begin. Weather. Traffic. News. 2nd threat against Chester police officers was sent by a teen at a sleepover via Twitter and Instagram. Human fetus was found at a Catholic Charity office inside a box with a note attached claiming it was a miscarriage. Parents are rallying behind crossing guard, Gina Bone, for her two day suspension after asking the mayor to plow more snow and not following the chain of command. Sports. Flyers beat the Washington Capitals 4-3 last night with a goal by Jake Voracek. Pistons beat 76ers last night 110-97. Isaiah Miles scored 27 points as St Joe’s beat UMass 78-70 for its sixth straight win. Concert announcement today after 7. Red Sun Rising will perform live in studio.

Time 6:31-7:09  Weather. Traffic. SQ. Birthdays. Elijah Wood, 35. Nick Carter, 35. Joey Fatone, 38. Allan Alda, 80. Moe Rocka, 47, Frank Darabont, 57. Karen Lynn Gornie, 71. Dan Spitz, 53. Nicholas Sarcozie, 61. Will Polter, 22. SA. Entertainment News. Tyra Banks and Erik Asla have welcomed a baby boy. Oprah reportedly made 12 million dollars from one tweet about her weight loss using Weight Watchers. I love bread. I love rubbing it on my face and on my breasts. Kathy gets Ipsy bags in the mail. Patrick Dempsey and wife Jillian might get back together. Charlie Sheen has placed 1 million dollars in a trust fund for his daughters as him and his wife enter into a law suit. Rob Kardashian is reported to be living with Blac Chyna. Justin Beiber has a cameo in Zoolander 2. Ben Stiller says Justin Beiber is polarizing. The gang thinks he is talented and will grow up and mature. Jennifer Lopez says for the 4th time she is not getting married to Casper Smart. Even though he’s the friendliest ghost she knows?. Mike Sugar Bear is denying the allegations from Mama June for having an affair with men. Mama June and Sugarbear voices. Robert Redford says this year’s Sundance Film Festival was the best they ever had but claims the size is out of control. The Oscar’s and Academy’s representatives are speaking out about their nominees. They say it is not about political correctness it is about the best of the best. Steve thinks we should do away with the Academy Awards. Clips. Matthew Banton. Ben Foster. Lost a lot of weight to play a crusty seaman. Concert Announcement next. Red Sun Rising.

Time 7:21-7:51 Reapers by Muse. Traffic. Fundraiser tonight for Officer Jesse Hartnett. There is a California based personal start up called Trim will cancel your unwanted membership or service you’re stuck in for no cost. The most popular unwanted services are credit services and Audio book services. Cancelling Subscriptions. Preston thinks Kathy should start a company that returns things for people and call it Return to Sender. Casey had an idea a few years ago for someone to haul things to and from the beach and someone else did it. Casey signed up for Apple Music for a free trial and doesn’t know how to cancel it. Steve was a member of a midget porn site and a Tom Sizemore fan club. Casey says there is a warning out now saying they are being sued for the IRS. So far 10,000 people signed up for Trim. Preston’s wife handles customer service. Nick says moving helps with getting out of subscriptions. Steve says cancelling your credit card and getting a new one is useful. Caller Steve. Steve and Preston don’t look at their credit card statements. But my wife sniffs it out like a blood hound. Coldplay Tickets caller 26.

Time 8:04-8:29   Weather. Traffic. Bizarre File Anal hazing is a ritual in American high schools. Dozens of victims have been reported in different areas. Time to go to high school son, we need to have a talk about anal rape. Florida grandmother is in jail for violating DUI. She crashed her car with her grandson in the back while wearing a bikini. Florida authorities are searching for a $1600 Yorkshire terrier that was stone and traded for cocaine. Tourist in Brazil left his wife behind at a gas station and realized 50 miles later. hi honey I guess I screwed up. Hangover eyes, Aegyo Sal, are a new trend. Women are plumping up their lower eyelids to appear more youthful. You look like you had a good night puking and having sex with strangers. Women are using cosmetics and plastic surgery to achieve this look. Markus in the Darkus in Studio.  American Cancer Society Bike-A-Thon Bridge to the Beach on June 12th. This is his 11th year taking part in the ride. He is looking for a record year after the MMR team coming in 5th out of 295 teams last year. WMMR has the link for sign ups.

Time 8:31-8:59   Weather. Traffic. Club Risque Fat Tuesday Announcement. Philly’s Hottest. African American girl from Chester County tweeted about shooting up a high school on a dare. Extreme Dares Preston dares Casey to do things and then takes it back as soon as he starts to do it. Casey has jumped off a couple of bridges for fun. Normally boys are the ones to succumb to dares. Casey’s buddy was dared to do a belly flop off a high dive. Caller Bill dared his brother to snort cayenne pepper. Steve used to dare his friends to confess their love to an elderly woman but they never did. Caller John was dared to run through a Wendy’s naked for $60 so he was able to buy Halo 2. Steve knew a guy who would do dares to make money. Caller Eric was dared by a lunch lady to take a bite out of a raw onion for free pizza. Casey ate raw potatoes and onions while pledging in college. Caller Frank. Called Aaron dared his cousin to stick his “dill pickle” in a dog’s cage and the dog bit it. Caller Mike dared his friend to jump off a train in Disney World and he spent the day in Disney Jail. Mickey Mouse Voice: I’m here to bail you out. Caller dared someone to jump a bonfire. Caller Chris and his brother dared each other to swallow live minnows. Casey’s buddies dared each other to touch silver nitrate. Caller Ted dared his buddy to take a Viagra walk through a bar naked with a rubber horse mask. Casey I dare you to do it. Caller Ralph. Not one woman has called in. Caller Jesse dared his friend to shave off his mustache with a buck knife. Fat Tuesday Tickets to 5 callers.

Time 9:15-9:42  Zeppelin. Traffic. Red Sun Rising in Studio. Debut album Polyester Zeal is out now. All mainly from Akron Ohio and two members went to high school together. There is a lot of support in Akron among bands there. This is their first official album. They began writing songs in 2006. They did an EP in 2011 which got the attention of Razor and Tie Records. The Other Side. They say they roll with the comparisons. They always write acoustics first to make sure a song is strong at its core. Spent 3 month writing the album and found it helpful to do nothing but focus on music. Their advice to other bands is put the work into it and be true to your music. Emotionless. This song is called E flat. They hate naming music. The song awake was originally named Mike’s dick cheese.  If a song isn’t flowing they stop working on it. It’s great to have a band that you’re friends with and are getting along well on tour.

Time 9:58-10:10 Police event tonight. Weather. Lots of sunshine. Traffic. Flyers had a big game last night after a 4 game losing streak. They won 4-3 in overtime. They did it. Bizarre File Truck in China carrying dry wood caught on fire and he drove it to a fire house. British woman is shaken up because she had yogurt thrown at her on her way to a crochet workshop. Two boys in a convertible threw the yogurt at the woman as they drove by. I don’t think I can crochet anymore I am too traumatized. I have PTCD post traumatic crocheting disorder. A couple’s house continues to show up as the virtual location for stolen or misplaced phones due to a glitch in the Find My Phone program. High school students posted a photo of them wearing a racial slur on t-shirts. Follow up of the woman who went crazy on the Uber driver made several excuses but then apologized for it. Police in Amsterdam kicked in the door of an opera singer after getting a report of a man screaming in agony. Opera singing. Case of Coors Light to caller 16.

Time 10:18-10:33 Red Sun Rising was so engaged and amazing. LQ. Hollywood Trash Joseph Fines defends playing Michael Jackson in a new movie. Chris Soules is sewing online dating citing for farmers only. Vince Neil has signed on to do celebrity apprentice.  LA. Music News Muse front man Matt Bellamy has invested in a new drone racing league. The name of Deftones 8th album is officially Gore. Vice President Gore voice: are you all ready to engage in Rock N Roll? By The way there are all sorts of different kinds of concession foods I want you to try. Richard Fortus and Dizzy Reed have committed to the Guns N Roses reunion performance. Sammy Hagar wished Eddie Van Halen a happy birthday on twitter and got a response from Eddie. Happy birthday to Nick Murphy.

Time 10:42-10:53 Collective Soul.  Wrap Up Red Sun Rising was on this morning and they are fantastic. Thanks to Markus for coming by. Coldplay is coming to town. Club Risque Fat Tuesday. Steve: Yabba Dabba Doo. Nick: Are you drunk? Pierre brought a large bag of sugar for his coffee. LOTD. Preston’s son Carter was here today. Pierre will be giving tickets away. Tattooed Mom Calendar Raid. Piccalilli Inn Calendar Raid. Thanks to our sponsors.


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