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August 252019
Daniel Moock, 1 Makefield Road L467, Morrisville, PA, 19067 + Google Map

Birthday Card Mania for teen cancer patient


#DanieltheDestroyer #NuketheLeuk #CancerSucks #EffCancer

For Daniel’s 18th birthday I want to collect 18 million birthday cards for him; OK maybe not 18 million, 18, 180, 1800, 18,000…maybe??? I’m asking for the worlds help in this endeavor.

A message from Daniel’s mom, Leann:
“This is my awesome, funny, sarcastic, super intelligent son Daniel. He will be turning 18 on August 25th! Ten months ago, he was diagnosed with LEUKEMIA, yes the BIG C. He has missed his entire junior year of high school, lost many friends, and had to endure some pretty nasty treatments, illnesses, hospitalizations, tests, etc. Daniel still has 3 years of treatment ahead of him. He has tried to smile and use that sarcastic sense of humor of his to keep us on our toes. On those days that our family feels like we can’t push any further, Daniel is there with a nudge, a smile, and, often times, an inappropriate comment to make us all laugh and realize if he can do this, then we all can.”

Please, please, please, brighten my son’s day and send him a birthday card to the following address:
Daniel Moock
1 Makefield Road L467
Morrisville, PA 19067