Casey’s Big Adventure

September 192022 - September 232022

Casey's Big Adventure: Here's What We Know

Back in June, The Preston & Steve Show planned the ultimate stunt for CaseyBoy. For years he has wanted to drive across the country and check in with the show from the road.

His dream was about to come true… and then he tested positive for COVID.

That’s okay! It just meant that we had to postpone the trip to the Fall when everyone was healthy again and able to take a week away from work and family to live out a dream!

So, now it’s Fall and we are weeks away from CaseyBoy leaving for the trip. But there’s lots of new details to share! The Preston & Steve Show made a big announced, and here’s what they revealed:

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  • Travelers:

    CaseyBoy’s original road trip buddy was going to be his BFF, WMMR Assistant Program Director Chuck Damico. But, now Chuck can’t go!

    We moved on to the next person in Casey’s Top 8: Jacky Bam Bam! The King of the Nighttime will accompany The Preston & Steve Show Executive Producer for this five day, cross country adventure.

    Capturing all of the stories, DJ’ing and anticipated chaos will be friend of the show and videographer, Kyle Maack.

  • The necessities:

    Our adventuring trio will be driving a brand new Ascent from coast to coast on loan from our friends at Subaru.

    The wonderful team at Marriott Hotels has arranged for the travelers to have a place to stay overnight in each city.

  • The Schedule:

    Casey, Jacky & Kyle will depart from the 93.3 WMMR studios on Monday, September 19th.

  • The Route:

  • Stop #1

    CaseyBoy will leave the WMMR studios on Monday, September 19th in his Subaru Ascent and drive directly to St. Louis for a mini adventure in Preston’s hometown.

  • Stop #2

    After good night’s sleep in the first of 5 Marriott Hotels that CaseyBoy will be staying in across the country, he will head to Oklahoma City and hop on Route 66 from there.

  • Day #3

    Casey will be swinging by Los Pollos Hermanos on his way to Albuquerque.

  • Day #4

    The plan is to stand on the corner in Winslow, Arizona before catching a sunset at Joshua Tree on his way to Palm Springs.

  • Day #5

    The final destination is Los Angeles where he is bound to catch up with a friend-of-the-show or two.

  • The details:

    Casey will being traveling in a brand new Ascent provided by our friends at Subaru.

    Marriott hotels is graciously putting him up each night so he can get on the road refreshed for the next day.

    Who is driving with CaseyBoy? Tune in Tuesday, September 6th around 8am to find out.

  • Follow along:

    Casey's Big Adventure map

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