Dirtbags and Deep Water: A Film To Save Small Business
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July 252020

“Dirtbags and Deep Water: a Film to save Small Business”

The reason we’re looking to do this Kickstarter is to do just as the titles says, to save small businesses.

This Kickstarter will benefit the Camp5 Collective which are several climbing gyms, outfitters/suppliers who depend on climbers for their livelihood, and the outdoor areas climbers use. The film is meant to shed light on a competition that has never happened in the US before and an event that was put together by the skin on climbers teeth and the generosity of these “Dirtbags”.

While shedding light is nice, the Kickstarter’s ultimate goal is to raise money to help these 20 or so small businesses. Climbers look after each other, so this is our attempt to look after the industry that we live and work in.

A link to the Kickstarter is HERE.