Fill in the Block Weekend
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July 30 - July 31
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You get to Fill in the Block all this weekend

For each block, we’ll pick the first two songs – then you’ll call or text in to choose the third to complete it.

Call us at 215-263-9667 …or text a request to 39333.

Get to the Recently Played Songs page HERE. Follow along on Twitter and Instagram.

It’s all your favorite bands, all weekend long, in block form. Listen for their biggest hits and deep album tracks, plus your suggestions for great songs we didn’t think of.

Alanis Morrissette, Weird Al, Lynda Carter, Create "Ironic" Twitter Thread about Landscaping

Well, isn’t this nice?

Twitter user @vegspice shared a post over the weekend that took an ironic turn.

The focus of the Tweet was a photo showing a trailer of a landscaping company, attached to a pickup truck and off to the side of the road. It was the name of the company, Alanis Landscaping, that inspired the caption and caught the attention of a few people who you oughta know.

  • You Oughta Mow.

    Without tagging anyone, Jessica put out this simple post:

  • life has a funny way of sneaking up on you.


    51,000 RTs later, Alanis saw the Tweet and continued on with the pun:

  • Do You Ever Wonder?

    Then, in an unexpected turn of events, Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter joined the pun party:

  • You live you learn.

    Finally, the Pun Master stepped in to let everyone know that he’s watching:

  • You've already won me over.

    Bonus points to Frontier for jumping on the trend: