Getting Saucy with Parker B – Raising Funds for TSC Research
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May 312020

Getting Saucy with Parker B!

Name of Fundraiser:
Getting Saucy with Parker B – Raising Funds for TSC Research

The whole month of May!

Streaming through Facebook Live of the 11 buddies who have decided to take on the hot sauce challenge for a great cause!

From Ryan:
The month of May is Tuberous Sclerosis (TSC) Awareness Month. My 1 year old son Parker Beebe was diagnosed with TSC before he was born. TSC is a rare condition in which cells basically don’t know when to stop growing and cause benign tumors to continually grow throughout one’s vital organs (heart, brain, liver, eyes, etc.). Parker’s adventures so far: multiple ECHOs, multiple EKGs, heart surgery to remove a tumor that was obstructing blood flow to his lungs, pacing studies to help distinguish the cause of his SVT attacks (very dangerous high heart rate), MCOT- mobile heart monitoring device for 30 days, abdominal ultrasound, brain ultrasound, brain MRI, EEGs of his brain to watch for seizure activity, eye exams, and much much more. Throughout the month of May, each of the 11 participants will live stream themselves from their home quarantine as they eat 10 wings that progressively get hotter (think the format of the YouTube show Hot Ones). And while they move through these hot sauces they’ll be soliciting their social networks to either donate a flat rate amount or on a per hot sauce completed basis. These virtual fundraisers will hopefully raise awareness and funding to support TSC research and finding a cure. Should be a saucy time!

Link to Facebook Fundraiser Page Where More Info Can Be Found: