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GoFundMe for the Little Jedi Connor


July 27, 2018
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In June, 10-year-old Connor Nemes suddenly suffered a stroke. It was later discovered to be caused by a previously unknown congenital vein malformation in his brain. A vein ruptured requiring immediate surgery. Almost three weeks later, it appeared Connor was winning his battle. He was able to communicate via hand gestures, and we were filled with hope. But as his doctors tried to remove him from his respirator and wean him off his meds, he began having a dangerously rapid heartbeat, and quickly developed pneumonia. He was Medi-vac'd to Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, where a team of doctors and nurses worked round-the-clock to stabilize him. They learned that the cause of the pneumonia was a staph infection. In the process, his little body was deprived of oxygen and he suffered multiple organ failure.

The name of the GoFundMe page is Our Little Jedi Connor. We are looking to help my brother and sister in law with the costs that aren't covered by insurance for a Medi-vac helicopter transfer and about a 4 week hospital stay between 2 hospitals. The goal is $20,000, but anything would be greatly appreciated and very helpful.