Help Black Sparrow Tattoo Studio Rebuild
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June 262021

via @blacksparrow_tattoostudio’s Instagram:

There was a fire last night in the apartments above the shop. thankfully no one was injured and only material things were lost . The shop managed to stay safe from flames thanks to our local fire departments amazing response time but we took on serious water damaged through half the shop. the building is unsafe as of right now and there is a lot to do to rebuild but that’s exactly what we are going to do. if you know us you know we can’t be stopped so after a short break we will be right back at it .In the meantime, if you are schedule with one of us please be patient with your artist and give us a little time gather our belongings. keep an eye out for any changes. and temporary arrangements with your artist and other local shop till we can rebuild.

If you are able to help Black Sparrow rebuild, the staff is accepting donations through this GoFundMe Page.