Help Chris Vanatta in his fight against IgA Nephropathy
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July 12
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Help Chris Vanatta Fight IgA Nephropathy

Chris has IgA nephropathy, which means his body is attacking his kidneys. He’s already had a kidney donation, but is once again in kidney failure. On June 4th he was admitted back into the hospital for worsening symptoms of kidney failure and is having a central line placed for emergency dialysis. He will need to continue hemodialysis until he finds a donor.

Due to how exhausting and overall draining hemodialysis is to the body, Chris will be unable to work full time. The go fund me is to help him and his family deal with the financial burden of the disease. Your would relieve some of the stress of the situation. Thank you for any donations you make.

Please check out the family’s GoFundMe page.

Fight against Nephropathy

Chris Vanatta’s fight against IgA Nephropathy