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Help save Little Lucy!


December 13, 2018
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Help save Little Lucy!

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Help Save Little Lucy Hi, Lucy is 1 year old & the sunshine to my world. She recently fell down the steps chasing a squirrel and suffered a spinal cord injury & ruptured disc and needs help walking. The Neuro Doc will help to see the extent of her injuries, which will include a $2000 CAT scan + costly MRI, Medicine, Vet Bills and probably a very expensive surgery & therapy.

(Click the link/picture to read more)

My family is devastated because Lucy is only 1 year old & we just had to put down our first dog on Christmas Eve. I'm paying what I can but I recently graduated college & don't have the thousands of dollars. If you could please share this link on Facebook and/or help baby Lucy it would mean so much to us. She is only 1 and deserves to live many more happy years.