Love for Anabelle
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May 192020

Love for Anabelle is being created out of love by family and friends who seek to help the Vreeland Family with the physical challenges of caring for this beautiful 12-year-old girl.

Anabelle has been diagnosed with Idiopathic Progressive Polyneuropathy, as well as isolated Cerebellar Atrophy and ataxia.

Info provided by Ken from Skyro Floors.

The GoFundMe page is called Love for Annabelle.

She goes to school with my girls and played soccer with us (I coached, the kids played) a few years ago in Tuckerton, NJ. She’s since become immobile and requires a wheel chair. Her grandmother posted the GoFundMe a while back and I instantly recognized her but didn’t realize she’s gotten as bad as she has. They had carpet throughout the house and the wheel chair can’t easily navigate. Her parents also struggle getting her in and out of the current tub. We’re going to convert the tub to a curb-less shower and replace all the carpet with a commercial rated vinyl plank floor. Through my connections in the flooring/tile industry I’ve managed to get all the materials needed for the project donated by the manufacturers and a few of my installer friends are donating their time to get it all done. We’ll be starting the project and have to have it completed by the 17th when the family gets home.