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Know Before You Go: MMRBQ Ticket Raid & Ladies Night

July 2020239:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Join Marisa & Sara for our first MMRBQ Ticket Raid and Ladies Night – including free P&S Boy Shorts & keepsake MMRBQ tickets (yes, actual tickets!)

Thursday, July 20, 2023 from 9pm to 11pm

at Club Risque Philly – 1700 S Columbus Blvd., Philadelphia, PA 19148

It’s Ladies Night, so ALL women get free admission and a free first drink.

The MMaRmy will be on site to give away a pair of MMRBQ 2023 tickets every 15 minutes. Attendees can simply register to win on site.

The first 30 ladies through the door that night after 9pm get a pair of limited edition Preston & Steve Boy Shorts.

LISTEN TO WIN VIP SEATING! Two chances to win a pair of passes for you and a friend to join us.

  • First Up: Listen to Sara each weeknight filling in for Jacky Bam Bam July 3rd through 7th.
  • Second Shot: Preston & Steve will giveaway the final chances to win the week of July 17th.
  • All VIP winners are guaranteed a pair of MMRBQ tickets on site and a pair of limited edition Preston & Steve Boy Shorts.

Strip Club Etiquette: Do’s and Don’ts That Everyone Should Know

The curtain peels back and you step into the room filled with loud music, low lighting and pretty people. It’s your first time at a strip club, and you’re instantly flooded with questions. How close to the stage can I sit? How much do I tip the dancers? What if a sexy lady starts talking to me?!?

Take a breath. This is supposed to be fun! But we get it, it’s easy to be shaken when a butt is literally shaking in your face.

With an MMRBQ Ticket Raid and Ladies Night coming up at Club Risque, now’s the perfect time to brush up on your strip club game. Maybe it’s your first time in this sultry setting. Maybe you haven’t been out to a club since before the pandemic hit. Maybe you’ve never actually thought about how to behave at a club before because hey, you’re distracted by Claire’s athletic pole moves and would rather think about that, and we can hardly blame you. But it’s important to know the lay of the land so that everyone can have a good time, including the gorgeous entertainers.

Here’s some basic etiquette to follow whenever you’re at a strip club. And whether you’re brand new to this environment or this is just a regular Thursday night for you, all of these apply at all times to all patrons!

DO Bring Cash

The dancers are working hard to dazzle you. If you like what you see, tip them! If you plan to sit in the “splash zone” near the stage, expect to spend a few dollars per song. Private dances will cost more and prices vary from place to place.

DO Tip Accordingly

Observe how everyone else is tipping before you start making it rain. Despite what you’ve seen in movies, some places don’t want you to throw a ton of money onto the stage or into the air – somebody could slip on it! Set your dollars on the edge of the stage or bar, or simply hand it to the performer when the song ends.

DO Look, But Don’t Touch

Consent is mandatory. Don’t slap anyone’s butt as they walk by, and don’t grope the girl who sat down next to you – that’s a surefire way to get a bouncer to toss you out, not to mention it’s just plain rude. When in doubt, ask permission. “Can I tip you?” will likely get an enthusiastic response.

DON’T Steal The Show

No one came here to see you, the patron, get drunk and show off your awkward moves on an unoccupied pole. We also didn’t come here to watch you grind on your partner. Don’t distract from the entertainers.

DON’T Pull Out Your Phone

You’re there IRL. Put the phone away and enjoy the view. Most clubs have no-photo policies anyway, so don’t take pictures or videos while inside.

DON’T Ask For Personal Info

If you ask for her number or what her “real name” is, there’s a good chance she’ll spin on her stiletto and never speak to you again. The dancers are there to entertain you – this is not a speed dating event.

DO Relax and Have Fun!

This is not meant to be an exhaustive list, and exact rules will vary from place to place, but the general rule of life applies here: don’t be a jerk, and everyone will have a good time!

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