Please Help A Loyal Listener with Brain Cancer
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August 42020

Help Laura Hopkins Fight Brain Cancer

The Go Fund Me:
Help Laura Hopkins Fight Brain Cancer

The Goal of the Go Fund Me is to:
Support the Hopkins family in their time of need, through prayer and, if able, monetary donation. Even something small could make a big difference in her battle against brain cancer. Laura is a a masseuse and runs a Spa (Arnica & Ivy Day Spa) in Flourtown, PA, that has been hit hard by the COVID-19 shut down. An update on Laura’s status: she is home now recuperating after a walnut-sized cancerous mass was removed from her left parietal lobe by the amazing neurology team at Abington Hospital (God bless them)! The surgery went according to plan with no serious complications and traces of the cancer are now minimal. However, the war is not won. Treatment by radiation and chemotherapy- or anything else that works- is the second prolonged battle we face.

Her GoFundMe is here.