Please help listener Mike, aka Mr. Peanut
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April 142020

Mr. Peanut Needs Your Help!

There is now a GoFundMe page set up to help Mike with his impending medical bills. Because of his injuries, he’s also out of work for a while, so he’s not able to earn an income until he recovers. From the crew at “Sledheads 93.3”:

Mike aka Mr. Peanut was at the Preston and Steve Cardboard Classic on Friday March 6, 2020 when there was an accident when he went down the hill first and his Peanut sled went down the hill too early behind him crashing into him. Causing 4 jaw fractures and a broken sinus bone. He had to have emergency surgery the following morning. He has plates in his mouth and his mouth is wired shut. Once he is healed he will need extensive work on his broken teeth also. He is a self employed handyman/contractor so he will be out of work until he heals. His teammates set up this GoFundMe to help him and his family with the pending medical bills and lost wages.

Moments before the sled went down the tubing hill. [© 2020-]

A recent post from Mr. Peanut on the team’s Instagram page, @SledHeads93.3, reads: “Well I’m back from the dead. 4 jaw fractures & 1 sinus bone. I was supposed to get to the bottom on my own but 2nd place yay.” Mike’s wife, Katie, called in to The Preston & Steve show on Monday morning to update everyone on his status. [Listen]

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