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November 302020

Help Rosati Ice Workers and Our Vets

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Help Rosati Ice Workers and Our Vets

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Rosati Ice, located in Clifton Heights, PA has provided water ice to Philadelphia and its suburbs for over 100 years. In addition to the normal spring/summer sales to grocery stores, and walk-up window at the factory, owner Rich Trotter has grown the company to include sales to school districts across the country, as their product satisfies the federal guidelines to be included as a fruit for school lunches. Due to school closures as a result of the COVID pandemic, Rosati’s sales have plummeted to about 30% of their normal order volume. For the first time since Rich bought the company in 1997, he’s had to furlough employees. The remaining employees have voluntarily reduced their pay.

In a last-ditch effort to bring his workers back to work, and bridge the gap until sales pick back up in the spring/summer, Rich started a gofundme campaign. However, rather than asking for a straight donation to the company, Rich is taking it a step further. As an Army veteran and West Point graduate, with a son currently serving as a Captain in the Army, Rich wanted to give back to the veterans that have given so much to us. Since Rosati Ice has product, but lack sales, Rich has decided to donate his inventory to veteran groups.

For every $3 donated, Rosati Ice will donate a cup of water ice to veterans and their caregivers.

Please help a few local families keep working, while thanking veterans!

Gofundme link HERE.