Digging into the MMaRchives for the First Weekend of Spring
  • This event has passed.

March 202021 - March 212021

For the first official weekend of Spring, we’re digging deep in the vaults of the MMaRchives.

Tune in throughout the weekend for songs you may not heard in a while. We’ll pop one on a couple times an hour for that little something extra while you’re cleaning out the garage or taking a drive to escape the those chores.

Admit it, some of you love the purge and enjoy a good cleaning frenzy. And MMR’s here to be your soundtrack for whatever direction you’re headed.

Kick back and enjoy the music. Our Weekend Warriors will keep you company and keep the playlist lively for you.

If you hear a song and you’re not sure what it was, you can check our site HERE, or text SONG to 39333 for the title and artist of the last 3 songs.