Brent Porche

Late Nights Midnight - 5:30AM

Brent & Pierre hosting the show.
Ah, 2020: the year that started off with so much promise! So many exciting concerts and events planned: Rage Against the Machine, Rammstein, MMR*B*Q, etc…
In a normal year, around this time, I would be putting together my list of favorite shows. It’s usually a Top 20 or 25, because it would be too difficult to narrow it down to just a Top 5 or 10.
THIS year, well, EVERYTHING was different. BUT, I did what I could to make the most with what cards we were dealt. I made it to a WHOPPING 10 shows this year! Usually it’s around 100 shows in a calendar year!
Here are some of my favorite events of 2020… the year that could have been… and the year that was.
A BIG Thank You and an even BIGGER Happy New Year to all of our great WMMR listeners and family! Hope to see you ALL in 2021. Cheers! -bp