Preston & Steve®

What year were you originally in the Preston & Steve calendar? First year was 2009 (OMG I AM OLD)

Where are you now?  I graduated college, moved to an island for a few years, lived in Miami and worked with awesome charities and sports teams, ended up on a reality show (Very Cavallari), and now Director of IT at Uncommon James in Nashville

What’s most memorable about your photoshoot? This was the start to being the confident woman I am today. Truly, nothing was too wild or crazy and it was a moment I felt super confident and that however comfortable I was (which was REALLY comfortable) my body and my personality was celebrated. I feel like I’m forever connected to P&S because of the love I’ve gotten since 18 years old – and I always find a way back on the show, to a party, or in the calendar!

What’s the first thing you think of when you see this photo? Shouldn’t have had gluten that week.

If you were stranded on a Caribbean island with one member of the P&S show who would it be and why? TOO tough, but probably either Kathy so we could drink and make island friends, or Steve so we could find a way to wire the island to be a VR platform and make a real life Jumanji.

What’s your favorite P&S event? It’s always fun, but my favorite part of P&S is Campout for Hunger. Not only do they connect with the hundreds of thousands of fans, but they promote give back to the community that loves them the most. BIGGEST HEARTS.

Do you have a favorite band and song? Red Hot Chili Peppers – Under the Bridge. I remember hearing it for the first time playing Nintendo with my moms boyfriend on a bean bag chair eating Krimpets and running over to my bunk bed and just closing my eyes and screaming it.

What’s one thing most people don’t know about you? I am really nerdy. I think people are surprised by how “smart” I am about technology (and I’m not talking about Instagram). I program and implement software all day long, ERP to IPAAS systems, Ecommerce Platforms to WMS. Not just a pretty, Thai face 🙂

Do you still model? I truly just stopped out of nowhere because – wow great question. I think I just lost a little confidence in being “older”. I had a dream to be in SI Swimsuit, and that never came to fruition, so once the show ended, so did my confidence a little. I felt like at a certain age, I should give it up – but that was definitely not what I wanted. Dang, maybe I need a boudoir shoot!

What advice would you give a future P&S calendar girl? DO NOT APOLOGIZE. This is an incredible platform of AMAZING people who will be with you for a lifetime if you appreciate it. I still randomly talk to most of the members of the show, Kathy and Steve the most. I count Kathy as a friend, and Steve as a mentor even. I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve messaged or talked to Steve for advice, and it’s always like talking to a really awesome bald big brother. I am where I am, because for most of my adult life, I had P&S hype up that I was cool enough, smart enough, pretty enough, awesome enough. I would not be here without those Hottie Cam days, Weird News, and MMRBQs.

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