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One of the biggest and baddest monuments in sports just turned 15! The menacing, close to 50-foot-tall Monster Monument at Dover Motor Speedway just celebrated its 15th anniversary last week right outside the Monster Mile. Miles the Monster has been Dover Motor Speedway’s mascot since 2000. You can find his likeness on everything from hats & t-shirts to ticket stubs and tv commercials, and of course the super cool Trophy each winner gets. The track underwent a makeover in 2007 and part of it was the addition of the Monster Monument in 2008. Made of fiberglass, the monument is close to 5 stories tall and holds an actual NASCAR stock car in its big paw. His circular base contains plaques commemorating every Dover NASCAR winner since 1969 and has room for every winner until the year 2035!

I hosted a Q&A with NASCAR driver “Rocket Man” Ryan Newman before a race a number of years ago at Dover International Speedway. I conducted the interview at the feet of the mega monument still a good 10+ feet off the ground. Below are some pictures of the event.

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