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My current hair color is: I can’t get rid of my unicorn hair! Haha. It is still shades of pinks, purples, blues and even some teal-y greens somewhere hidden in this mane lol.

My first tattoo was: My tramp stamp! Super cliche lol. It will be covered up one day – I have plans 😉

…the last tattoo I got: I got my buddha on my left shoulder colored in a bit. I am in serious need of some new tattoos..and a new tattoo artist lol. Any takers? haha!

…my next tattoo will be: I really want to finish up my sleeves before I do anything else! But after my sleeves I think I want to start my big plans for my back 🙂

How many hours a week should be dedicated to playing video games? At least 5 hours a day! So for those of us who suck at math (gets calculator)…at least 35 hours a week, but usually more lol.

The game I’m playing now: I am OBSESSED with my Nintendo Switch and Super Mario Odyssey. I’m late to the party with this console, but the nostalgia it gives me surpasses every other game on the market right now. You can get 999 moons in the game and I think I have 835? 845? Something around there lol. But I am a HUGE Nintendo kid and I obsess over anything Super Mario related lol. Hence the Nintendo tattoos haha.

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After a photo shoot I usually: Come home, get absolutely attacked by my puppies, throw on my sweatpants and devour some food while puppies continue to attack me then snuggle up. They are the best welcome home from any outting 🙂

My oddest talent: I can wrap my head around pretty far..almost 180 degrees lol and rest it on the other side of my shoulder blade. My body can do a lot of odd things lol but that definitely gets a weird look from people LOL.

The best place to be naked is : Anywhere and everywhere. I’m a vegetarian so I don’t even have to worry about bacon spatters!

I wish I could be : Traveling! I drove across country and back in Sep/Oct of last year and I literally crave doing it again and again.

The last song I sang: Probably some reggae lol. I have very eclectic music taste for sure, but I am a huge hippie dippie reggae lover lol.

My dream music festival lineup would be: Oh man. Speaking of eclectic taste lol. I’m also huge into the grungy scene haha. I’d have to say.. Shinedown, Collie Buddz, Rise Against, ODESZA, Hermitude, Three Days Grace, GRiZ, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Bob Marley, Major Lazer…and I could really go on with the most random music lol. The list would be exceptionally long haha.

The best part about being a Preston & Steve Calendar Girl is: I am so thankful and feel so blessed to be apart of the PnS family. When I was 18 I appeared on the hottie cam for the first time and have been a PnS girl for years. But being an official Calendar Girl is a dream come true 🙂 I have been listening for the last 19…almost 20 years. At least y-100 days! I love you guys! I can’t wait for even more fun this year 🙂 I’m also super stoked to be the month of May. May the 4th be with you my fellow nerdies 😉

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