Get to know Autumn, Miss September '18

*Mark your calendar, Miss September will be on the Hottie Cam Wednesday morning (9/26)*

Although my name is Autumn, my favorite season is... Summer because I love the warm weather

Back to school time always reminds me... That winter is coming 🙁

My perfect vacation would be... Anywhere warm with sand and clear water, oh and don't forget the margarita!

I can’t live without... Tacos!

The one food I will never bring myself to eat is... Cherries. Yuck.

When I win the lottery, the first thing I’ll do is... Visit Thailand for a month.

My super hero power would be... Mind reading

Last Halloween I dressed as... A skeleton. This year I’m going to be something scarier with more Halloween makeup maybe even some blood.

The best part about being a P&S Calendar Girl (so far)... The calendar signing. There was way more people than I had expected and it was so fun to meet so many listeners!

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