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Q&A with LC:

What’s your favorite holiday activity? Honestly I love Christmas shopping… which is weird because I hate regular shopping.

What does your Christmas dinner plate have on it?  So my family doesn’t do Christmas dinner.. we do Christmas breakfast/brunch haha.. so my breakfast plate is usually waffles, ham, bacon, scrambled eggs, (cheesy) grits, and fruit… and then I usually just eat that for dinner too haha

Do you go out shopping on Black Friday? Nope. I think I shopped on Black Friday like once in my life… I’m usually working though so I just order stuff online.

What are you hoping that Santa leaves under the tree for you this year? I’m actually so insanely happy with everything that’s happened this year.. there is no material thing I could think of that I would want.

When you stop by Dunkin would you prefer a Frosted White Chocolate latte or Merry Mocha Mint latte? Merry Mocha Mint for sure. I love mint.

What color are your Christmas tree ornaments? So… we have 4 Christmas trees at my mom’s house 3 faux and 1 real… 2 have white lights and red ornaments and 2 have multi color lights and like every ornament we’ve ever owned since I was born.

What’s your favorite Holiday song? Please don’t kill me.. but I actually strongly dislike Christmas music hahaha

What’s your favorite vacation spot? Anywhere… usually Europe. Let’s go with Germany since I have family there.

What does your workout routine look like? My workout routine when I’m being serious or my workout routine when I’m being lazy? Haha.. I’m a personal trainer so on a good week I’m working out 5 days a week because I’m already at the gym so why not.. on a bad week I might workout twice? Mostly legs, abs, and cardio.. I swear my clients only ever want to do abs and cardio.. you would think I would have a six pack by now….

If you were stuck on an island with one celebrity who would it be and why? Paris Hilton… I’ve always loved her (and she follows me on Instagram!!) Like literally I think it would be dope to get to hear all about her life and how she got to where she is… from her.. not magazine articles and tabloids…plus we probably wouldn’t be stuck because I’m sure she would be able to get a jet to her basically anywhere.

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