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P&S: Hey Kathy, wanna make a list of your favorite margarita spots for National Margarita Day?

K: Easy…

  1. Plaza Azteca – Skinny Margarita
  2. La Catrina – Blood Orange Margarita
  3. Redstone – Dragon Fruit Margarita
  4. El Poquito – Classic Margarita
  5. Jasper’s Backyard – Miss Scarlet Strawberry Margarita
  6. My friend Jennie’s House (her husband Michael makes the most delicious fresh margaritas)

P&S: Great, we can find photos of the drinks on their Instagram pages.

K: Ummm, I think I have photos of… **scrolls**  …yup.

And that’s how this list was born. Scroll down to see Kathy Romano’s most picturesque margaritas from the places above, straight from her camera roll. Plus a bunch more that she doesn’t quiet remember where or when they were taken because… well… tequila.