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We’re thinking the same thing you are, how do you make it to your 20’s without a kiss? For these two listeners it’s a very innocent situation: As a teen Sophie “lucked out” every time she played Truth or Dare and was never challenged to kiss a boy. Now she is studying physics at Temple University which takes up nearly all her time and provides the perfect excuse to procrastinate finding love. Brandon has a similar story, he is an electrician who has been working since 11th grade. Unfortunately, there’s not much kissing happening on construction sites.

They’re both ready to get this kiss out of the way!

Quick thanks to all the people who helped out: Kyle Maack (@thekylemaack) Damara (@radio.dmp / @ossuary_angel) Hayley (@hayley.cass)  Josh (@joshmustin) and Intern Joe (@narberth_ambulance)

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