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Q&A with Miss April 2019

Maggie’s Instagram: @maggiegrn

What are you most excited about this Spring?  The weather and all the festivals and food of course

What’s your favorite flower? It would have to be a red rose

Cadbury Eggs or Reeses peanut butter egg? Reeses peanut butter egg of course

Peeps: definitely or get the hell out of here with that crapI LOVE peeps

Who is a bigger fan of the Preston & Steve Show, you or your fanatical mom?  My mom is definitely a bigger fan everyone knows that

What’s the best part about being a P&S calendar girl?  Getting to know all the great people involved behind the scenes and just meeting everyone really is the best thing of it all.

What does your exercise routine look like? Lately a lot of running and eating snacks. Any park with a nice long trail is ideal

What’s the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you?  Probably the time in 5th grade when I had accident and peed my pants on a field trip – lol – it was the worst. I had never told anybody to this today.

What movie best describes your love life?  13 going on 30 I don’t know how, I just love that movie

Where is your favorite spring break spot? Anywhere in San Diego because the sun is always shining and there’s always something fun to do there no matter what.

Coffee or Tea? Coffee because it gets me up and moving at anytime of the day or night when I need it the most.