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What’s the best part of being the covergirl for the Preston & Steve Calendar?  I had such an amazing time shooting for the “Totally Office Calendar”. I had the opportunity to meet and work with some of the top people in the photography, hair, and makeup industry. The entire staff made a huge deal about keeping the cover a secret. When they called my name as the cover girl I was completely shocked and humbled. Not only were the other girls sweet and fun, but they were gorgeous too, so being the cover girl was a huge honor.

From getting a spot in the cover came a huge surge for my modeling career. I signed with one of the top PA modeling agencies after being introduced to the director of Reinhard by the creative director of the shoot (Shout out to Joeseph)! and have since taken up modeling full time.

In your photo you’re standing next to a motorcycle.  Have you ever driven one or rode on the back of a motorcycle? I was sooooo happy to find out that I’d been picked to shoot on a motorcycle because I had basically grown up on a motorcycle. My dad bought me my first bike when I was 7 and I still love my time on the trails. Right now I have a KTM 125 and still love it just as much as I did when I was little.

What’s your favorite show right now?  I am obsessed with Game of Thrones… but then again…who isn’t. I will say I am completely jealous every time someone from the show ends up on Preston and Steve!

How tall are you?  5 foot 10

What’s your favorite rock song? Detroit Rock City

If you won the lottery what’s the first thing you would buy? I’d buy a La Ferrari, Red….because any other color on a Ferrari is just wrong.

Ice cream sandwich or Chipwich? Ice cream sandwich…yes please.

What does an average Friday night look like for you? Recently my Friday’s have definitely changed. I just got a miniature Husky puppy so I’m in my puppy mom phase right now….. meaning minimal sleep and tons on puppy snuggles from my man Rocky.

Favorite concert of all time? I went to a private KISS concert. I got to meet and hang out with the entire group before their show in AC. They’re awesome people, and if you haven’t been to one of the concerts you’re missing out.

What is one weird thing you do that many people don’t know about? I was on Fear Factor. (10/10 do not recommend)