Meet the thrill seeking Marissa! Miss February 2019

Q&A with Marissa, Miss February from the 2019 Totally Office Calendar:

This year, will you be celebrating Valentine’s Day or Galentine’s Day? Definitely Galentine's day! I will be in New York doing makeup for Fashion week so I’ll probably be eating in a hotel room watching Netflix. The usual.

Ski or snowboard? Both! I’ve actually never done either but I’ve been bugging everyone I know to go with me this year.

If you had a Super Bowl commercial what would you do? I would give my 60 seconds to Planned Parenthood and try to raise more awareness to their cause.

We know you’re a makeup artist.  What’s your favorite color lipstick?  Quite The Standout liquid lipstick by MAC. My whole entire heart belongs to MAC <3

What’s the most embarrassing thing in your purse right now? Probably gum wrappers and Dunkin’ Donuts receipts

Where would you go on your dream vacation? I would go everywhere! I don’t have one specific place I just want to see as many places as possible

What’s your favorite restaurant? Well, I’m vegan so there aren’t a ton of places for me to eat. But Philly has great vegan options! Blackbird has the best vegan cheesesteak on earth.

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You have a lot of tattoos! Which one is your favorite and what’s next? I do!! Most of them are done at Seven Swords tattoo shop by Aaron Francione. He did the panther on my back which I think will always be my favorite. As far as the next one.. I Have no clue! Probably just filling in gaps on my arm.

Which jersey shore town is your favorite? I always go to wildwood. My best friend has a house down there so it’s always been a getaway for us

Roller coaster or carousel?  Roller coaster > everything.

Which Snapchat filter is your go-to? I actually don’t use snap chat! But on IG I love the light leak filter. Cause I’m a basic bitch at the end of the day.

If you were a superhero what would your power be? Invisibility for sure. I would use it to faux haunt my friends.

Would you rather be a member of the Kardashian family or the Royal family? Kardashians cause I don’t know how to behave well enough to be royal. And for the clothes.

What’s been the best part about being a Preston & Steve Calendar Girl so far?  The best part was coming to the studio! I’ve been listening to the show since I was probably 13 years old so seeing it happen was really cool for me.

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