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Q&A with Julie: Miss March 2019 

You’ve appeared at a lot of Preston & Steve events, what’s your favorite so far?  My favorite event with the crew, besides the calendar release party of course, had to be the Camp Out for Hunger. So many people came out to support Philabundance, and they donated over 913 tons of food & $198k.  They made a week long fundraiser into 1 hell of a good time.

We know you live in Bucks County.  For someone who doesn’t’ know much about Bucks County what should be their first stop when they visit?  One of my favorite spots is Julio’s Famous Pizzeria in Levittown. It has an old 50s diner vibe with huge panzerrottis. I’d definitely bring a newbie to bucks there for dinner. Delicious!

Describe your perfect date? Good conversation, genuine laughing, positive vibes, and food. You can learn so much about a person by watching how they eat.

What’s the last movie you watched?   The very last movie I watched was the Netflix original The Dirt. I loved every second of it and have been on a “rock n’ roll” documentary binge since. I hope the films popularity sparks a trend and they make more movies just like it.

If you won the lottery what’s the first thing you’d do? The first thing I would do is stop donating money to my annoying apartment complex. I would buy a house on the Inter-coastal in Florida. I vacationed there once and I remember it being my favorite place to feel at peace. I would also probably buy a ton of new bathing suits to enjoy my new home location.

On St. Patty’s Day do you drink green beer or a green smoothie? I would definitely be drinking a green beer. As healthy as I try to be, I never dove into the  whole smoothly trend. Not for me.

Which Snapchat filter is your go-to? I honestly like to keep my selfies looking real. Not big on using the filters, unless there is 1 that contorts my face into something hilarious. “Face swap” is also a pretty good time at the bar when you’ve had a few drinks.

Sesame Place or Six Flags Great Adventure? Six Flags Great Adventure simply because of Fright Fest. Halloween is my favorite time of year and I get scared very easily. I’m not the biggest roller coaster fan, but the food and the atmosphere are pretty cool.

What’s your favorite food?  My favorite food….. This is a hard question because I eat absolutely everything. I am not a picky eater in any kind of way. If I had to choose something, it would have to be an Italian sausage and peppers sandwich.

If you were stranded on a Caribbean island with one celebrity, who would it be?  My choice would be Jeremy Allen White. I’m in love with his character “Lip” on Showtimes Shameless. 

What’s your Dunkin Donuts order?  In the morning I am typically a tea drinker. My order is usually the power breakfast sandwich with ketchup, and an extra large hot breakfast tea. However, when 3pm rolls around I am gulping down a medium iced coffee for that afternoon push.

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