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Q&A with Angelina, Miss October in Preston & Steve’s Totally Office Calendar 2019

Pumpkin latte or Salted caramel mocha latte?  Definitely pumpkin spice, no doubt.

What will your Halloween costume be this year? Most likely Disney princes Jasmine

In your fall garden will you be planting mums or ornamental cabbage? Mums. Do people actually pick cabbage over mums?

What does your exercise routine look like? I work out everyday or Atleast try to. I have been a Nasm personal trainer for a few years so I feel like I need to be in shape. Even though I just stopped working with clients due to many reasons, it’s one of my passions.

What’s your favorite fall activity? Linvilla hayrides or haunted attractions then go home put on a scary movie and carve pumpkins. October is the best month of the year  ????

What’s one thing most people don’t know about you?  I’m an Actress and Jamie Kennedy is my godfather!! Don’t be hatin’ . He has helped me with my career from gifting me acting classes when I was young and letting me be on movie sets and taking us to Universal Studios to see where some great movies were made. He’s helped me stay motivated when I feel like giving up and he was one of the first people I talked to (before my dad lol) about dropping out of college and acting and working full time.

What movie best describes your love life? This is so cliché, but The Notebook. I have a great relationship with my boyfriend, he’s my best friend.

What’s the best part about being a P&S Calendar Girl?  Definitely the friendships I’ve created and some great opportunities that have stemmed from it.

What do you want to be when you grow up? Happy! And a successful working actress????

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