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HAPPY NEW YEAR! Mummers Day Parade!

JESTER’S COURT! This is my 2020 FIRST PRIZE Presentation in The #1 Golden Sunrise NYA Handsome Costume Category.  I am so so happy, I worked on this theme for awhile and it came to life and won.  I always wanted to do a Jester Theme & 2020 was the year. This could not have been possible without the help of a lot of people to get me on the street.  My idea came together with Momma and Poppa Bam Bam with the great costumers Al & Yvonne Delbuono at Delbuono Costumes. They helped me design and make this suit.  Makeup is always done by the best Mummer Makeup Artist my Niece ALANA.  My presentation music/beats came from The Fancy Brigade DJ/Announcer Eric Bartello.  My beautiful back piece was welded and put together with plenty of Captain’s Plumes & chicken wire from the great men led by the magic of Sammy Raggs and The Quaker City String Band.  Hey Sammy,Charlie,Eddie,John can we please get it done before New Years Eve in 2021. My Marshalls who make this MUMMER Rock Broad Street.  The Big 4 with eyes all over me and have been strutting by my side in all 5 Divisions I’ve been in, and they are always there for me-Glenn, Sean Clifford and Tucker. And my better half Brittany Rotondo for also putting up with all my MUMMER BS. Drack Pack Photographer: Dulcet Tone. THANK YOU SOOO MUCH.

My costume will be on display at the Mummer’s Museum in the Winner’s Circle.

Check out more photos and video of the Mummers Parade HERE on PHL17’s website.

Wait till you see what I have for u in the 121st New Years Parade.. How many more days till New Years?   In the words of The MUMMER Guru Steve Highsmith, “Thanks for The Mummeries!” 

-Jacky Bam Bam