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When were you originally in the Preston & Steve Calendar?  March 2019

What is your most cherished moment from that year? Walking out at Chickie’s and Pete’s when the calendar was released. I felt amazing in that moment. I met so many interesting people and I had an amazing night.

The first thing that comes to mind when you see this photo is…. Boobs, I think that’s the first thing anyone would think.

Where are you living now?  Los Angeles. I just moved here in Oct 2020 with my current company. I am still modeling and looking forward to dance studios and gyms opening up once the virus settles a bit.

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If you were stranded on a Caribbean island with one member of the P&S show, who would it be?  Steve, because I know he would bring chocolate chip cookies and possibly a cat or Batman stuff to play with.

The best P&S event you have attended is… Keenan’s in Wildwood, NJ to open summer at the Jersey Shore. By far the best time I’ve had with the crew.

What’s your favorite band? My favorite band is and always will be Aerosmith. I have seen them in concert more times than I can count from age 8 to present. KISS now holds a fierce second place since I saw them live, But I’m still a diehard Aerosmith chick at heart.

 One thing most people don’t know about you is…   Breakfast for dinner is one of my favorite things of all time.

Do you still model? Yes! I need to network a bit more in LA to put myself in a better light with modeling. (Pun intended) I have been featured in Dreamy Mag, among other magazines, various calendars, and, everyone’s favorite, Instagram. @Jjulie_nichole04

What advice would you give a future P&S calendar girl?  #1: Listen to the show. #2: Do as many appearances as possible. I can confidently say I enjoyed myself at every single opportunity or appearance the show gave me.