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Brontie is a one-one and online personal trainer who wakes up with The Preston & Steve Show every morning! That’s how she landed in the pages of Preston & Steve’s Totally Office Calendar. Get to know the sweet and spiritual gal Miss February ’20:

Skiing or snowboarding? Skiing! For some reason my mind tells me that skiing is more challenging and I love a challenge, I could be wrong though! My mom was also on the ski team when she lived in upstate New York so I’d have a great teacher

What does your perfect Valentine’s Day look like? Valentine’s Day… such a tricky holiday. I would say it’d involve staying at home, sitting by the fireplace while we eat takeout. I’m pretty simple when it comes to holidays but of course a big bouquet of roses wouldn’t hurt. 😉 I think the holiday can be so overrated because relationships go beyond one day of “showing love” but I can say that I haven’t had many successful Valentines Days so when I do I’ll let ya know.

Did you celebrate Galentine’s Day? I was originally going to say no but I googled it as I was answering this question and I would have to say yes now. My best friend and I seem to always spend Valentine’s Day together since we were in high school and it was the same this year. My mom will usually cook us dinner and bake a cake while we watch movies and chat.

What Super Bowl commercial would you star in? I didn’t watch the SuperBowl. I know I know, so un-American

What’s your favorite restaurant? My favorite restaurant is called Ubon Thai. I LOVE asian food

Have you ever done a polar bear plunge?  Never. lol I love the supporting the cause that it’s for, but I know I’d get so sick afterwards. I’m freezing 9x/10 even in the summer time so this would not sit well with me.

What do you want to be when you grow up? I loved this question when I was 16 because I felt so young but now that I’m in my 20’s I feel the pressure of the question more. When I grow up, which is around the corner, I want to own several businesses. I’d love to open a gym and hire like-minded trainers to work with me and I would love to own another business that I can do anywhere in the world ( hint: I’m on my way to doing this right now!!)  They say the most wealthy people in life have multiple avenues of income!

Who is your favorite member of the Preston & Steve Show?  Oh gosh ! How can I choose. I love everyone on the show…but if I had to choose I’d say Kathy. Her aura is so genuine and she’s been so sweet since the day I met her. Plus I’m so fascinated at how she reports the traffic so quickly without getting tongue tied! It’s a real talent.

Do you have any tattoos? No tattoos over here! I love mini tattoos so if I were to get one I’d get the day I got baptized in roman numerals, the word hope somewhere and a small butterfly. The day I got baptized was one of the best days of my life because it happened at such a perfect time, right after I came out a funk in life. The word hope is just what it is, it reminds me to stay positive and know that if I have hope and faith that I’ll reach my goals and be happy in life. And I just love butterflies even though I despise caterpillars with a passion.

What’s one thing we don’t know about you?  I’m an artist! I used to draw when I was young but as I got older I got into painting but I think I prefer drawing over painting because it’s easier to control than paint. I actually was asked to become a tattoo apprentice at one point, so anyone looking for custom tattoos drawn up let me know! lol

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