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It started with an e-mail.

A few months ago, a friend of the Janofsky Family sent a message to the show asking us to mention the GoFundMe page started – on the sly – to offset medical costs and start a fund for the young children who had just lost their mother.

In a twist of fate, comedian  Jim  Breuer was driving through the area and listening to WMMR as the e-mail was read on the air. He wanted to do something special for this brave family and the idea of a charity comedy show was born.

After a few phone calls, Caseyboy along with our friends at Live Nation arranged the details and you did the rest by selling out the room in mere hours.

On Tuesday, May 24, Jim Breuer stepped on stage in front of a sold out crowd at Punch Line Philly and performed a hysterical set filled with new material. He shared the stories behind his most famous characters like Goat Boy and Joe Pesci. The time he met Ozzy on the way to do a gig for Metallica and the traumatic experience that led to his hatred of Bon Jovi.

And the Sears story.

Thank you to local comedian Pat House for hosting the show and giving the crowd a great, warm-up ab work out.

The performers kept the mood of the evening lighthearted, but every single person in the room knew, in their hearts, the special reason why we were there.

Thank you to everyone who came out and supported! Photos from the evening: