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Sydney Taylor here! I’m pretty sure I can speak for most of us music fans when I say that the 18 months from Spring 2020 to Summer of 2021 without ANY live music (other than the occasional live stream – which let’s be honest – was not the same) were pure torture… and that is a MIGHTY understatement.

There is truly something about a live show. The energy in a room full of people all there to enjoy music and have a unique shared experience is unexplainable. It is in this environment where I am most alive. You can’t replicate it or find it anywhere else. Enter in July of 2021, where I was able to attend my first live show since February of 2020. It was hard not to get misty eyed staring at a crowd of people, united once again after some of the hardest months that we’ve ever had to face.

If there was one thing the pandemic has continued to teach all of us, is the act of gratitude and taking less for granted. In March of 2020, I realized I would never take the experience of a live show, no matter how big or small, for granted ever again. Here are the Top 5 shows that I attended in 2021 that ushered live music back in with a bang.

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