In celebration of Celebration Day – and the Led Zeppelin Global Watch Party happening this weekend – we’re here to determine Philly’s favorite Zeppelin album- BRACKET-style!

Vote for your choice and you’ll be qualified to win the CODA Super Deluxe Edition Box Set! (see it below)

How to watchCelebration Day Global Watch Party HERE.

Voting for each round is open for 24 hours, so check back to vote for each round.

  • Round 1: 9/14 – 9/17, 2pm
  • Round 2: 9/17, 2:01pm – 9/20, 2pm
  • Round 3 (Final): 9/20, 2:01pm – 9/23, 2pm

Tune in 9/23 at 2pm to hear who won!