Pennsylvania is forecast to get some winter weather. So here are some things to do at home on a snow day to beat boredom.

When the temps drop and the wintery powder piles up, we all head home. It’s not very safe to drive in bad weather. And too much time outside results in numb ears and icicles dripping out of your nose. You head inside and prepare for a day of not doing much.

BORING! Right? If you’re someone who likes to keep busy, snow days may be the bane of your existence. After all, what will you DO inside all day? These days also stink for hyperactive kiddos who can’t stand boredom. It also stinks if it cancels your plans or ruins events. After all, those things can’t go on if a nor’easter rolls in.

You have to be creative to keep yourself and others in your house occupied. Staying home all day doesn’t have to be a nightmare. There are tons of things you can do to have fun! We made this list to inspire you so you don’t go stir-crazy when winter weather prevents you from leaving the house.

Here are 11 things to do at home on a snow day in Pennsylvania:

  • Make A Hot Chocolate Bar

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    Swiss Miss for the win! Or anything of the like. Make a big pot of hot chocolate and lay out as many garnishes and add-ins as you can. Marshmallows and whipped cream? Obviously. Leftover candy canes? Sure! Oreo crumbs and chocolate sauce? Heck yes!

  • Go Sledding

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    Okay, this isn’t necessarily INSIDE, but you get what I mean. You can bring sleds out to your front yard and slide around on the snow. If you have a strong dog, get them to pull you down the snowy streets like you’re a real adventurer.

  • Bake Something

    Crisco Bake It Better Bootcamp With Brandi Milloy

    This is always a good plan for snow days. Cozy activities like baking will make you feel warm form the inside out. An apt distraction from the nightmare weather outside. Plus, you get a yummy treat out of it.

  • Have A Movie Marathon

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    Another great idea is to watch a ton of movies. Snuggle up under the covers in bed, or on the couch, and turn on the Oscar-Noms you’ve been trying to get around to watching. It’s okay to splurge and spend $2.99 on a rental. It’s a snow day!

  • Pick Up A Book

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    Haven’t had time to read recently? A snow day is the perfect excuse to throw yourself into a good novel. If you have kids, you can read to them, too. Reading will transport you to another world, so you won’t feel so trapped inside.

  • Play Board Games

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    If the fam is all home, pull out the ol’ Monopoly or Clue game you own, dust it off, and get playing. Board games, or card games, for that matter, are great ways to pass the time inside. A bit of friendly competition keeps the mind sharp!

  • Host A Soup Swap With Neighbors's Taste Of Travel In New York With Celebrity Chef Marcus Samuelsson

    This is a pretty fun one. If the snow starts to pile up and it looks like a snow day, start texting your neighbors. Even if it’s one neighbor. Make a soup, have them make a soup, and swap up and down the street. Trade your chicken noodle for your next-door neighbor’s potato and leek. Or, make a gathering of it, like a potluck! Everyone brings a crock pot of soup (walking, of course) to one house and everyone tries a bit of each.

  • Tackle That DIY Project You've Been Trying To Get To

    Beccles Knitters Hope To Break Bunting Record

    Get those creative juices flowing! Knit that scarf you’ve been promising yourself you’d start since October. Paint that plant pot. Hot glue those fake flowers to a wreath. Fulfill your DIY goals.

  • Have A Spa Day

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    This can be as simple as a bath, or as involved as clay masks, cucumbers over the eyes, and a foot bath. Use whatever you have lying around to create a relaxing spa day for yourself.

  • Do Some Light Indoor Exercise

    Feature on a Yoga Session

    If you love going to the gym, being snowed in may be a nightmare. You’re in luck, though. There are always things you can get done from home. Get your body moving during an entire day inside by doing some yoga or a dance video.

  • Try Coloring

    Crayola Crayons Announces Its Eliminating Dandelion Yellow For A New Blue Crayon

    You don’t have to be a kid to color. In fact, there are tons of adult coloring books. Don’t have one? Don’t fret. Look up a free print-out for yourself and color with whatever you have on-hand. It’s very relaxing, making you focus on something fun that isn’t taxing.

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