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Here’s what you need to know about the annoying Canadian wildfire smoke (the second time…) in Philadelphia. Will this Canadian Wildfire Smoke ever leave us alone? You may have noticed that Philadelphia, once again, is covered in a layer of smoke.

Our region, as of Thursday, June 29, is under air quality alerts for the second time this month. Thursday morning, the entire state of Pennsylvania was under a Code Red for air quality. In Delaware, the whole state was under a Code Red, while it was a Code Orange in New Jersey.

The smoke partially obscures the skyline…again. People with breathing problems are masking up…again. It smells terrible outside…again.

Hopefully, it doesn’t last as long this time. It just isn’t ideal that it’s back, period. So at this point, you’re probably fed up with it all. But there are still some things you need to know about it. There are probably questions you have about this whole ordeal. As soon as we get 95 back up and running, the smoke comes back. Philly just cannot catch a break! At least the Phils have been playing good baseball lately.

Well, here we go. Here’s what you need to know about the wildfire smoke…the second time.

  • Why Did It Come Back?

    Canada is experiencing its most intense wildfire season in history. Fires are continuing to burn from coast to coast. Plumes of smoke are continuing to be released into the atmosphere, and normal weather patterns are ushering the smoke all around.

  • What's The Air Quality Index?

    Everything You Need To Know About The Smoke In Philadelphia

    Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

    Right now, as of the morning of Thursday, June 29, the air quality in Philadelphia is 183. If you remember, 0 is the healthiest. Above 150 is considered “unhealthy.” Tomorrow is forecast to be moderate, though.

  • When Will This Go Away?

    News outlets are saying tomorrow, Friday the 30th. Weather patterns have been throwing this smoke all around the world, and hopefully, the wind blows in our favor.

  • Should We Wear Masks?

    N95 masks

    Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

    If you have breathing problems, yes. If you feel like you need to, yes. Try to limit outside exposure, same drill as last time. And if you need a mask, here are the locations in Philly that are giving them away for free:

    1. Health Department resource hubs

    2. All Philadelphia Police Districts

    3. Philadelphia Fire stations

  • How Do You Keep Up-To-Date On This?

    Canadian Wildfire Smoke is still here, and the sun is orange through the plumes of smoke

    Photo by Gina Cosenza has everything you need in terms of air quality news. Don’t fret, this too shall pass and we’ll get our blue skies back!

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