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Access To Rock

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Concert season is here. As you prepare, keep in mind that there are some things you should never do at a concert.

Thanks to this study by, we have a definitive list of the most common concert faux pas. They surveyed over 1,000 concertgoers to understand what they find the most disrespectful at a live show.

Concerts are a great place to let loose and have fun. It’s a fun, collective experience that everyone should experience once in their lifetime. But emphasizing the “collective” portion of the event, you have to be mindful of those around you. There are certain things that happen in crowds that make the experience less enjoyable for everyone. After all, it’s a big group of people all crammed into one place.

You want to avoid these not-so-good concert behaviors to ensure a positive experience. The better we all understand the etiquette, the less annoyed we’ll all be with each other when we’re vibing in the pit.

The artists you’re going to see have put so much work into creating a great show for you. They put it all on the stage for you. So keep the event without incident and everyone is bound to have a stellar time!

  • Excessive Intoxication

    Italian Youths Shop, Socialize And Party

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    Drunk people are annoying. REALLY drunk people are even more annoying. In a cramped space, people who’ve been drinking too much may be extra irritating to those around them. It’s also miserable for you to be too drunk at a concert. You want to go to these events and remember them. If you’ve gone over your limit, you won’t have an enjoyable time. So get the drink at the bar, but don’t go TOO crazy, people.

  • Littering

    Concerns Grow Over Pandemic Related Plastic Pollution

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    It’s just rude to the venue to leave your trash scattered around the place. They set out many many trash cans for that exact reason. Make the staff’s lives easier and place your trash in the correct receptacle. It’s also no fun to step on or come across someone else’s trash. Be mindful if those around you and make sure your litter makes it in the bin, not the floor.

  • Live Streaming Without Permission

    Chicago Music Venue Lincoln Hall Hosts Livestreaming Concerts

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    This is just a big old no-no. Everyone in the venue paid very good money to be there. They don’t want to watch the concert through the phone you have in their face because you feel the need to live stream. It’s also very disrespectful to the artist that is trying to perform for the live crowd that’s actually at the venue.

  • Disregarding Personal Space

    Britain Celebrates Easter Under Coronavirus Lockdown

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    Everyone has a personal bubble. People don’t want a stranger touching all up on them while they’re trying to enjoy their favorite artist. No one wants you in their business like that. And you wouldn’t enjoy it if someone did it to you. Also, side note. Don’t mosh unless everyone else is moshing.

  • Excessive Use Of Smartphones

    Childish Gambino In Concert At The Chelsea

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    This goes back to the live streaming point. No one wants to watch the concert through your phone. Even worse, no one wants to see you ignoring the artist that’s putting their heart and soul into the show in front of you. Taking a few photos and videos should be okay, but if your phone is out the whole show, are you even enjoying it? Live in the moment, people!

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