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It’s the Fourth of July weekend. If you haven’t already made plans, here are 7 last-minute ways to celebrate July 4th. But shore traffic? No thanks.

It’s a popular shore holiday, but we get it if that’s not for you. Many people are flooding the beaches of the Jersey Shore already, and if you don’t want to add to that, again, we get it. We want you to know, there are still ways to celebrate without making an hour-long drive.

Sometimes, holidays creep up on you. It’s okay, we’ve all been there. Especially when it comes to these summer month holidays. Out of nowhere, just, BANG, they’re here. You start to feel that weird guilt of, “I guess we should celebrate somehow…” but you haven’t made any plans. It’s too late to pack the car and take the fam beachbound. You may feel overwhelmed about hosting anything.

Don’t fret, friends. There are ways to get in on the fun without making a huge production of things. The really good thing about this holiday is that it’s usually super chill and laid back! It is summer, after all. So leave it to us to help you with ideas.

Here are 7 last-minute ways to celebrate July 4th:

  • Host A Backyard BBQ

    President And Mrs Trump Host Picnic And Fireworks At White House On 4th Of July

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    Odds are, if you don’t have plans yet, other people probably don’t either. Send a text out to your friends and invite them to a barbecue, hosted by you! Make it a potluck so you don’t have to do all of the work. Buy some hot dogs, burgers, or whatever, and grill ’em up! You don’t even need to decorate. Just good vibes and great food with your friends are great for celebrating the holiday.

  • Go To A Local Parade

    Illinois Community Celebrates Fourth Of July With Parade

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    So many towns hold July 4th parades during the day on the holiday. You can see cute kiddos dressed up in their star-spangled best, watch classic cars roll down the road, and cheer on those who’ve served our country. It’s a fun way to be festive that doesn’t require a whole lot of your energy.

  • Find Some Fireworks

    Americans Celebrate Fourth Of July Across The Nation

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    There are TONS of fireworks shows all around the Delaware Valley for you to go see. Most of which are free, might I add. Check out local township websites to see when and where these local fireworks shows are going on. You can also watch these shows from a distance in your car if you don’t feel like bringing out a blanket and some bug spray.

  • Try A New Red, White, And Blue Recipe

    George Washington's Birthday Celebrated Mount Vernon

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    If you’ve got food coloring at home, why not try out a patriotic recipe? There are tons online for you to give a spin. Red, white, and blue Jell-O shots are pretty easy and very festive. Or, you can try your hand at something more complicated, like an American flag cake!

  • Visit A Local Historical Landmark

    Government Landmarks Prepare For Impact Of Shutdown in Pennsylvania

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    We have TONS of these in Philly and the surrounding area. What better way to celebrate our country’s independence than to appreciate where it all started? Philadelphia was THE epicenter of American Independence. Places like Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell are all great places to go to learn about where it all began.

  • Go On A Picnic

    Spring Weather Finally Arrives In The UK

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    Fresh food and fresh air are a great way to celebrate the holiday. Picnics are a great way to spend time with your friends and family without breaking the bank. July 4th staples include fruits like watermelon and blueberries, both of which are perfect picnic foods as well.

  • Go Swimming

    New York City Under Heat Advisory As Humidity And Temperatures In The Upper 90's Descend On City

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    If you don’t have a pool, there are tons of public pools in the area. Also, if you live near a lake, that rocks too. You can go swimming without hitting the shore. Summer days are made for swimming!

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