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Have you been seeing all the Barbie movie marketing on your social media timelines recently? It’s iconic! So much pink. So many interactive experiences. But unfortunately, Philly is getting NONE of it.

Let me clarify. Most of these special marketing events are happening over on the West Coast, in California, more specifically. These perfectly pink promos are any Barbie lover’s dream. If you played with Barbie dolls as a kid, of course, you’d want to be able to step into THE Barbie Dreamhouse and live out that fantasy.

There’s even an immersive experience called World of Barbie in Santa Monica where visitors can get transported into Barbieland. The cast was interviewed in a hotel that was transformed and painted entirely pink. The West Coast (and New York City) is getting tons of Barbie billboards as well.

So why not Philly? We like pink, too. In fact, we LOVE pink. The Barbie movie marketing team has been hard at work providing amazing experiences to other cities. We want that too! We want to be covered in pink and glitter like other cities. We are WORTHY! And I’ll spell it out for you, Barbie team. Here are some reasons why Philly deserves the Barbie marketing experience.

  • We Have Tons Of Barbies And Kens Here

    We in Philly were not skipped over in terms of Barbie love. Tons of Philadelphian kids grew up playing with Barbies, watching Barbie movies, and the like. We know Barbie love here.

  • Speaking Of Love

    We, as a city, love HARD. We love deeply. Our dedication to any and all things Philly makes us passionate as all heck. So, we LOVE Barbie. So, we would show up like CRAZY for something Barbie-related.

  • Interactive Things Do Well Here

    With places like The Franklin Institute and The Please Touch Museum, we have proven that we like interactive things. It’s fun to have somewhere to go to get a really cool experience. Hands-on stuff like a Barbieland replica or a pink ball-pit would do so well here.

  • We Have Awesome Event Spaces

    From The Fillmore to The Kimmel Cultural Campus, we have tons of event spaces. And they’re all really awesome. And probably willing to be painted pink. The chandeliers in The Fillmore would really play into the whole Dreamhouse thing. Oh, and back to the Franklin Institute. They have a huge area for special exhibits. So maybe…a Barbie exhibit?!

  • We Have Plenty Of Pink Paint Here

    We heard that some sort of shortage of pink paint was caused by this movie. But I was just in the store the other day and I saw PLENTY pink paint. So like…you can start painting things pink here marketing team!

  • We Also Have Plenty Of Billboards

    Just respectfully asking for a CRUMB of marketing here, please? A billboard will do the trick. We have tons. All over the city. And we would all really love to see Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling’s beautiful faces as we’re driving down 95.

  • We Need Some Cheering Up

    Philly has been going THROUGH it this year. Championship losses, bridge collapses, wildfire smoke, I mean, it’s all too much, We need something to put a smile on our faces. And what better than copious amounts of pink and Barbie fantasy!

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