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Our friend Sammy Vile pulled out another award winning Reel.

We first met Sammy when he made a love story between a man + Preston’s Pickle. If you missed that video, it’s Sammy in his kitchen, cracking open a jar of Preston’s Fishtown Pickles collaboration and getting slapped by a spear. It’s loaded with sound clips from the show. From the “youuuuuu whoooooo” to “how could she slap?,” he found very creative ways to intertwine our classic moments into his crazy stories.

He did it again. This time, Sammy recut the Boonta Eve Classic with commentary by Preston & Steve. The morning show hosts transform into Troig podracing announcer, Fodesinbeed Annodue, Jabba and more. Perfectly.

The short video begins at the ending of the race and perfectly replaces dialogue with our clips. But there’s more. Sammy snuck in a bunch of Easter Eggs behind Fode and Beed and in the crowd. Did you spot them all?

  • #1 - 5

    1. WMMR logo
    2. Preston, wearing a Fishtown Pickles hat
    3. Steve
    4. Kathy’s Tatooine Activities poster
    5. Marisa’s ad for Happy Hour at Cantina

    Preston & Steve - Star Wars Video - Sammy Vile (1)

  • #6

    6. Pierre Robert

    Preston & Steve - Star Wars Video - Sammy Vile (1)

  • #7 - 9

    7. Jacky Bam Bam
    8. Gary Lauer
    9. Preston Pickle returns from the last video! 

    Preston & Steve - Star Wars Video - Sammy Vile (1)

  • #10

    The famous words that Preston ends the show with everyday, end the Insta-Preston & Steve’s Boonta Eve Race Coverage.

    Preston & Steve - Star Wars Video - Sammy Vile (1)

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