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WILDWOOD, NEW JERSEY - MAY 28: People walk along the beach a day before the start of Memorial Day weekend, the unofficial start of summer, in the shore community of Wildwood on May 28, 2021 in Wildwood, New Jersey. Wildwood, like many beach communities throughout the United States, is looking for a successful and busy summer season after staying mostly closed or partially open last summer due to Covid-19 restrictions. Many resort community retail businesses are also suffering from a shortage of labor as some workers are choosing to stay home and others have changed career paths. (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

Lists are tough. That’s why we don’t make them very often. But we do love talking about lists that other people make!

Introducing’s “All 44 N.J. beaches, ranked worst to best for summer 2022” list. Their staff visited every shore point from Exit 117 to Exit Zero taking detailed notes and writing cute puns along the way (we did appreciate the the Taylor Swift themed description of Stone Harbor .)

As lists do, they start conversations and spark opinions. If you want to know what a bunch of South Jersey Shore goers think about the 2022 Beach List, then keep reading:

  • #44 is Atlantic City

    Good ranking. We love AC when we’re in the mood to go to AC… and that mood rarely ever wants to drag along a beach chair.

  • #39 Wildwood

    “Disagree,” says the show members who love Wildwood. Yeah, it’s quite a walk from the dunes to the water, but who ever complained about something being huge?

  • #35 Margate City

    *check back in when Lucy is re-opened* 

  • #31 Strathmere

    Too high, we love Strathmere. Free beaches and multiple beach bars attached to those beaches? Twisties and The Deauville alone should bump this this town up a couple notches. 

  • #30 Seaside Heights

    Call us Benny’s all you want. We woefully accept that title and will forever associate Seaside Heights with Snooki. Sorry!

  • #28 Brigantine

    We prefer our beach without a side of snoot, please. Brigantine residents are known for giving Shoobies the cold shoulder. C’mon, folks, until we can be as lucky as you to own a home there, share your sunshine and let us enjoy your surf for a couple hours!

  • #27 Wildwood Crest

    Shhhhhhhh, please stop talking this Jersey Shore hidden gem!

  • #21 North Wildwood

    Streets are wide which means lots of parking. This slingshot ranking takes into consideration that you can enjoy Wildwood’s attractions, but travel North for the beach.

  • #19 Stone Harbor

    We know it All Too Well… Can’t find much better in your Wildest Dreams… Sand is great but you’ll have to Shake it Off. Well done,

  • #17 Avalon

    This was Kathy’s beach for a good chunk of time, it’s where the McIlwains walked away from their real estate dreams and where Marisa’s parents met. Besides being a gorgeous place, Avalon will always hold a special place in our hearts. RIP Sylvester’s Fish Market, the home of Casey’s all-time favorite crab cake. 

  • #13 Ocean City

    Gillian’s Wonderland Pier and The Surf Mall still bring back all the nostalgia, but the beach is not what it once was. It’s still our favorite boardwalk, but until they bring back the starfish jetties and add more parking, we’re getting our Vitamin D elsewhere.

  • #6 Sea Isle City

    According to Kathy, Sea Isle is perfect. That high praise comes from the fact that once you arrive on the island, you can park your car and never have to get back into it until you leave. The Jitney covers the whole town taking you to whatever isn’t walkable. Plus, there are lots of nice, new restaurants opening and it has a Primo Hoagie location making it Steve approved!

  • #4 Cape May Point

    Yeah, it’s beautiful. It’s a little far off the beaten path making beachgoers forget that they’re at the shore. (maybe that’s why we like it so much?!)

  • #2 Cape May

    #1 for the last three years. It was dethroned by Beach Haven, which is a tad too North for this crew. So, by default, Cape May is the #1 beach in New Jersey.

    Read the full list including all the North Jersey spots that we skipped on