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It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia has wrapped up Season 16.

Rob McElhenney and company just keep pumping out classic comedy that lands particularly well with the close-knit population of Philadelphia.

Some elements of the show might have evolved, but fans of Always Sunny still enjoy the same outrageous storylines that made the show great all the way back in 2005 before Danny DeVito had ever even heard of Paddy’s Pub.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia : Season 16

Season 16 included a trip to the bowling alley for a battle of the sexes type of competition, a very misguided understanding of the concept of inflation, and a guest appearance from Bryan Cranston of Breaking Bad (and Malcolm in the Middle). 

Chase Utley even popped in for a visit to his long-time friend and stalker Mac.

The ability of Rob McElhenney, Charlie Day, Glenn Howerton, Kaitlin Olson, and the writing staff to mesh successful plot lines of past seasons involving supporting characters and recurring bits has kept the show alive for some of its better moments in the more recent seasons.

Future Seasons

The sun won’t set in Philadelphia just yet. The show has already announced plans for Seasons 17 and 18. The dates for the two upcoming seasons aren’t available yet.

Always Sunny isn’t confined by the same restrictions as most other long-running shows. It’s not an angsty teenage drama that won’t make sense once the characters graduate from high school. It’s not an extreme drama leading up to one specific climax.

A comedy show without an intense plot can pretty much last forever. Viewers can also watch the show out of sequential order without feeling completely lost.

The cast of Always Sunny can keep going as long as they still have it, and the best moments of all eight episodes in Season 16 certainly proved their run is far from over.

  • 1. The Gang Inflates


    Mac and Dennis aren’t exactly the type to think through a business plan before pitching it to a potential investor. They apply their (extremely flawed) logic about economic inflation to the the inflation of the Kardashians’ backsides.

    “I think what you’ll find most interesting is that the Kardashians’ net worth is inflated in direct proportion to their booties.” -Mac

  • 2. Frank Shoots Every Member of the Gang

    Frank has apparently reconsidered his request from Season 7 to be thrown in the trash after he dies.

    “Bury my poop, or just kick some sand over it. And then you can do what you want to do. You can float me out into the ocean and let sharks eat me. Or you can leave me in the ground, gruesome for the kids to see.” -Frank Reynolds

  • 3. The Gang Gets Cursed

    Mac can’t give it up, but who can blame him? Chase Utley is possibly the most beloved player in the history of the Philadelphia Phillies.

    “I wrote you a letter every week for the last 10 years. Did you not receive my letters?” -Mac

  • 4. Frank Vs. the Russians



    The episode includes the S.I.N.N.E.D. system (The D.E.N.N.I.S. system spelled backwards) for winning a man’s heart.

    • Suppress your instincts.
    • Inflate his ego.
    • Need his power.
    • Negate his power.
    • Engage physically.
    • Do you want a tissue?


  • 5. Celebrity Booze: The Ultimate Cash Grab

    Dennis and Mac never seemed to realize that Bryan Cranston is a lot better known as Walter White from Breaking Bad than as the dad from Malcolm in the Middle. It’s so lost on Mac that he confuses Aaron Paul (aka Jesse Pinkman) for Frankie Muniz (who plays Malcolm).

    “He’s very aggressive. He’s like the alpha dog, dude. Malcolm’s not in the middle. He’s on top.” -Mac

  • 6. Risk E. Rat's Pizza & Amusement Center

    The concept of a Chuck E. Cheese-type environment that encourages kids to do whatever they want is downright alarming. It did make for a great episode though.

    The sixth episode starts with the gang singing the theme song for a childhood favorite. Try to get these words out of your head after watching the video…

    “Do what, Do what, Do whatever you want at Risk E. Rat’s Pizza.”

  • 7. The Gang Goes Bowling


    Dennis takes his ego to new levels when the adrenaline of his sexism helps him defeat The Waitress in an arcade competition.

    “I have defeated you, and of course I have. I’ve been blessed with the genetic gifts to do so.” -Dennis

  • 8. Dennis Takes A Mental Health Day

    If you need a mental health day, make sure you follow one rule: Don’t do it like Dennis Reynolds.

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