Do you ever feel like you just need to shake it off? Get all the gunk (stress) you’ve been carrying around and throw it at the wall?! Everyone can use some good advice to boost your mental health. And everyone’s heard from the experts. So we wanted to go to the source. How do you shake off your bad mood and turn that frown upside down?

We all suffer from stress or anxiety, anger or depression, excessive feelings of worry or guilt. But, how do you deal with it? If you’re like most adults, you were brought up to believe you just suck it up and move on, but that’s not the case anymore. Since we were kids there has been so much work done for mental health awareness that proves it’s not only okay to acknowledge what’s going on in your head, but to address it, talk about it, and find a way to quiet things down.

How do you find peace?

There are so many ways to quiet the storm, many are listed below. But if you feel like you need more than a day off, more than a friend’s ear, there is help accessible to you right now. You can find a therapist here or contact the amazing people at the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention who are always looking for volunteers, and donations and are always there to help.

143 Day

This article was written on May 23rd, 2023, which also happens to be 143 Day in Pennsylvania. 1-4-3 is what Mr. Rogers used to represent the words I l-o-v-e y-o-u. So every year, on May 23rd, the 143rd day of the year, Pennsylvanians are encouraged to make a conscious effort to be kind.

With everything going on in the world, it’s no surprise that we are all feeling a little weary and overwhelmed. This isn’t the time to add more “to dos” to the list. This is the day to take a beat, realize that you are special, and affirm that you are enough. Let’s all do our part and help ourselves and fellow Pennsylvanians feel the love. Happy #143DayInPA!

Boost Your Mental Health

To mark Mental Health Awareness Month and 143 Day, we asked listeners for the best advice they have received about boosting their mental health. The response was brilliant. This is what you said …

  • Carol

    Go to my garden with a large mug of coffee. Sit and enjoy the birds singing & the bees buzzing. Just take in the aroma of the flowers, veggies & herbs. Say a prayer of graditute & thanks for all we have been given.

    Woman having her morning coffee

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  • Sandy

    Two things: 1) I work from home so I make sure I get outside every day whether it be for a walk, sitting on the porch or just taking a few deep breaths on a rainy or cold day. 2) I have become obsessed with plants this year and have really enjoyed educating myself about different types and their care. I joined a few FB groups to get tips and advice. It has done wonders for my mental health, it’s something I do for me! Added bonus- some plants purify the air in your house! ☀️🪴

    person holding a box of flowers outside in the garden

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  • Hugh

    Do something physical and get your hands dirty.

    Man mowing the lawn

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  • Dee

    Meditation: sometimes TM other times guided. Self care: not by another doing something for me but instead focusing on doing for myself: stop, enjoy a favorite food/beverage or activity or stillness, savor the moment completely. Gratitude: before bed every night reflect on things I’m grateful for during the day.

    woman meditating

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  • Michael

    I like doing nice things for someone else. It always makes you feel good.

    Woman bring food too a neighbor

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  • Rob

    Remember there was a specific blueprint just for you and you’re loved by the one who created it.

    woman looking in the mirror

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  • Karen

    Sit in the sun with a really captivating book.

    person holding an open book with glow coming from the pages

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  • Andie

    Box Breathing is a great way to calm your mind and your heart. And sometimes I go for a walk. Getting out in nature is the best way for me to clear my head and find peace.

    Woman taking a deep breath in her kitchen

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  • Rebecca

    I second Andie, especially if I have my (dog) Rosie w me. Very therapeutic. 

    woman with her dog sitting in the trunk of the car taking in nature

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  • Sam

    Whenever I have a stressful day, I make time to spend with my dogs. They bring me such joy because of their unconditional love – and they never judge me. Pets are the best therapy.

    smiling dog

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  • Laura

    Journaling has been a game-changer for me. It’s a way to offload and process my thoughts, give perspective, and help stop negative thoughts from spinning.

    person writing in a journal

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  • Cece

    Change negative thoughts to something more helpful. For example, ‘I can’t do this because I’m stupid’, to ‘I can’t do this yet, but I’m learning’. It makes a massive difference.

    woman pointing at herself in the mirror

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  • Jen

    When I’m having a wobbly day, I list in my head all the things I am grateful for. I also have my ‘three gratitudes’ every night before bed. After a bad day it might be as simple as toilet roll (a very bad day indeed!). It shifts my mindset and works every time!

    Woman taking a deep breath with her hands on her chest

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  • Shelly

    It’s all about acceptance: I know you are hurting but this too shall pass, it might pass like a kidney stone, but it will pass!

    woman taking a deep breath while outside

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  • Leeann

    Be creative. I love to bake and find that the simple act of creating something soothes the soul. If baking isn’t your thing, maybe cook a great meal to be shared with others, or paint, or make some music. The creative process is so therapeutic! 

    person using a rolling pin

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  • Kate

    Dance! I blast some of my favorite music, close my door, and have my own rager in my bedroom. The music and physicality is a major mood changer!

    woman dancing

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  • Matt

    The biggest game changer for me is when I stop to remember a few things …

    1 – Know your boundaries. There are things you can do and things you just can’t. And that’s okay! We’re human, not super heroes. Be comfortable asking for help or sometimes just saying no.

    2 – Accept everyone else’s boundaries.

    Person standing behind a line on the ground

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  • Julia

    Spend a short time each day being mindful. I lie on the floor and visualise my body from hair to toes. It centres my thoughts and stops me making ‘shopping lists’!

    woman laying on a yoga mat listing to earbuds

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