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Brent Porche

July 11 marks the anniversary of the release of 311’s self-titled, third studio album, most commonly known as “The Blue Album.”

Capricorn Records released the best-selling LP in 1995, and it has also been certified 3x Platinum by the Recording Industry of Association of America. Many fans and critics consider the Blue Album 311’s best.

The album spawned three hit singles: “Don’t Stay Home”, “Down”, and “All Mixed Up.” MTV played the music videos all the time, especially “Down,” during the late 1990s. This was the first 311 album of theirs to really go mainstream. It was also the first 311 album that got me into them.

It features a really cool blend of alternative rock, rap, funk, reggae, and even some “mosh-pittin” hard rock. Catchy melodies, heavy guitars, and hip-hop influences also illustrate the album’s sound.

Other favorites of mine from the Blue Album that you should check out are “Jackolantern’s Weather”, “Loco”, “DLMD.” Hell, the whole album is worth checking out! Just pop it on and rock out!

The back cover of 311's self-titled third studio album also known as the Blue Album

The Blue Album was produced by Ron Saint Germain, who has worked with everyone from Jimi Hendrix and Michael Jackson to Mick Jagger, Tool, Soundgarden, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Aretha Franklin and many more!

1977, Germain has amassed over 75 gold and platinum awards, selling well over a quarter billion units and earning 14 Grammy Awards.

311 played the Trocadero Theatre in 1995 and the Electric Factory in 1996 for this particular album cycle. It wasn’t until they released the follow-up album Transistor in 1997 that I finally got to see 311 live for the first time. They played in Camden at the (then) Blockbuster-Sony Entertainment Center – the good old E-Center!

The Blue Album is a landmark album in 311’s career. It helped to establish the band as a major force in the alternative rock scene. It certainly remains one of their most popular albums to this day.

311’s “area show” in 2023 was a performance at the Atlantic City Beer Fest, and I was there! Check out my photo gallery.

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  • 311's 'Blue Album' (Inside Cover & CD)

    The inside cover & CD of 311's self-titled third studio album also known as the Blue Album

    The inside cover of 311’s self-titled third studio album features the band with “alien eyes” painted on their faces. Next to the fellas, you see a number of blue aliens with similar eyes along the spine of the CD casing. The fireball on the face of the CD is highly recognizable even with its lack of labeling.

  • 311's 'Blue Album' (Front Cover)

    The front cover of 311's self-titled third studio album also known as the Blue Album

    The Blue Album has one of 311’s most recognizable album covers. It is 311’s only self-titled album, and it remains their best-seller with over three million copies sold to date.

  • 311 - "Down" (Official Music Video)

    “Down” is considered by many to be 311’s biggest hit. They play it at almost every show, most times as the final encore song of the night. Always a highlight when they perform it live.

  • 311 - "All Mixed Up" (Official Music Video)

    “All Mixed Up” was another huge hit for 311. It was released as the third and final official single from the album. This song is also a staple in the 311 live set.

  • 311 - "Don't Stay Home" (Official Music Video)

    “Don’t Stay Home” was released as the first single off 311’s self-title third studio album. A song about getting up and getting out and enjoying yourself. Always a fun song to see 311 perform live.

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