Preston & Steve’s Cardboard Classic

Preston & Steve’s Cardboard Classic

Preston & Steve’s Cardboard Classic

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The 2024 Preston & Steve Cardboard Classic was an epic event. The creativity of the 93.3 WMMR listeners is mind blowing!

This year we saw a Blues Brothers Sled complete with life size Bluesmobile (aka 1974 Dodge Monaco) with 6 cop cars following. There was a solo Kyle “Schwarbomb” Schwarber sled, full Mario Cart lineup, Barbiemobile, Simpsons’ Duff Man, and a full scale ZZ Top Eliminator 1933 Ford Custom Coupe. That’s just a taste of the amazingness that we saw… and none of those were even the top three!

First place was a working Wawa Store. Second place was a 30+ person Wally World Roller Coaster. Third place fell into the danger zone. It was a full sized Top Gun replica.

Photos of Preston & Steve’s Cardboard Classic 2024 Winning Sleds

Videos from Preston & Steve’s Cardboard Classic have made their way to every corner of the internet. It’s very interesting to see which sleds catch on and catch attention. The most iconic one being Mr. Peanut. That video was everywhere, and continues to resurface. Heck, it was even featured on MTV’s “Ridiculousness”.

This year saw a lot more viral videos and inevitable, bigger and better coverage. Unexpectedly our little cardboard event ended up on USA Today! Just days after we had an extensive conversation about The Weather Channel, footage from the event ended up there too!

Fun fact, a lot of MMR listeners like to watch The Weather Channel. On Tuesday, March 5th around 10/11 o’clock in the morning, messages started to pour in saying, “you made The Weather Channel!”

Below is a list of all the places we found our videos so far this year.


    3.7 million followers on Instagram, 5 million on X, 6.5 million on YouTube, 10 million on Facebook. 

    Preston & Steve’s Cardboard Classic hit the superfecta by getting shared across all of USA Today’s social platforms.

    The news platform, which has been around since 1982, continues to be “the pulse of the nation.” They’re on top of breaking news, insightful information, heartwarming stories and wild events that Philadelphia Radio Morning Shows throw with “unique visual storytelling.”

  • CNN 10

    850K subscribers

    CNN 10 is a ten minute daily news show curated by the team at CNN. It’s comprised of a mixture of educational, historical, informational, and fun stories. They also recognize a different school from around the country in each episode. .

    Cardboard Classic received the “10 out of 10” rating for the week from CNN 10. It’s introduced as a “clash of competitors creating cardboard crafts that can coast across a snow packed track without crashing”. Try saying that 3 times fast! Of instead, check out the segment: (begins at 7:38)

  • The Weather Channel

    1.4 million followers on Instagram.

    During a weekend recap that morning, they showed crowd shot footage from our event. They pointed out that this has been the warmest winter on record in 75 years. The host at the time was DrGreg Postel, a Hurricane and Storm Specialist who was born in Philly and raised in Princeton, NJ. Apparently he asked for an invitation to next year’s Cardboard Classic. Here it is! We’ll find a good sled for you to ride on. 

    Video of the Barbie Van, 20 foot high Stanley Cup, and a working swing set adorned with Tito’s Handmade Vodka themes made their way on to the station’s Instagram account.


  • Fox 29 (WTXF Philadelphia)

    Fox 29’s Jenn Frederick is a regular at Preston & Steve’s Cardboard Classic. She’s there every year to cover the preparty live on Fox 29 and kickoff the sledding festivities. She’s been in solidly built sleds,  and flimsy contraptions. And she still comes back!

    This year she spoke to what would be the winning sled, The Wawa Store. Thanks to Jenn’s investigative reporting, we learning that the working fuel pump was filled with Arnold Palmers (John Daly’s really!) and how they scored official Wawa swag.

    Jenn gets ready for Preston & Steve's Cardboard Classic

    We're taking a sneak peak at some of this year's creations!

    Related: Did Jenn Frederick Make a Successful Cardboard Classic Run? You Decide.

  • Crossing Broad

    Crossing Broad was one of those head scratchers. How have they never been to Preston & Steve’s Cardboard Classic? That finally changed.

    Kyle Pagen traveled up to Scranton to experience his first ‘Classic, and he was not disappointed. The listeners had fun talking to the Philly-famous video star, and we had even more fun seeing the shenanigans that happen while we’re on the air. Thank you to the Wally World Sled for inviting Kyle for a ride.

    Shout out to No Shorts Media for the Wawa Sled and Cardboard Classic recaps.


  • WNEP Scranton

    WNEP began sending a reporter to cover Preston & Steve’s Cardboard Classic years ago. It would be a story on the morning news and maybe some B-roll would make it’s way into later broadcasts. Fast forward to today, where reporters, anchors and crew are building sleds, and riding down the hill during live shots.

    There’s another project in the works between WMMR and WNEP that we won’t reveal just yet. Until then, enjoy this year’s creation by the Scranton based team:

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