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Carrie Underwood has dipped her toes into rock waters a lot lately, from covering Ozzy Osbourne to performing with Guns N’ Roses. Now, she’s basically cannonballed her way into the fanbase for I Prevail.

I Prevail took to Twitter and shared about their third studio album True Power, “One month of ‘TRUE POWER’. 56M streams. All thanks to you.” Underwood replied to the tweet with, “I think I was a large number of them! [laughing/crying emoji]”


Lead singer Brian Burkheiser replied to the country superstar with two prayer hand emojis and a grinning emoji.

Many I Prevail fans were surprised and also happy to see Underwood show the band some love on Twitter. Scroll below to see some notable and funny fan responses.

  • @SuperBumRush

    “Sure didn’t have ‘Carrie Underwood listens to I Prevail’ on my 2022 bingo card but I love it!”

  • @VicariousNick

    “Carrie listens to metal core? What a time to be alive”

  • @DevanPalumbo

    “Didn’t expect this tbh but hell yeah”

  • @SShads6661

    “Get at it @carrieunderwood I knew you had metal in you!!!”

  • @soundlink_trent

    “Also we need a Carrie emo era and a emo record”

  • @tschrenker

    “I feel like we need y’all to collab ASAP”

  • @breezywanderer

  • @MasRenrav27

    “You’re a fan that’s awesome”

  • @FJordyn3

    “Biggest plot twist of 2022.”